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Operated by Spanish-4-You, Medical Spanish Los Angeles offers a mobile Spanish teaching service in Southern California. It is ideal for medical professionals looking for medical spanish classes with a customized curriculum and flexible scheduling at their place of work. Our affordable all-inclusive program consists of:

• Medical Spanish manuals for our beginner, intermediate and advanced students
• Poster-sized original color drawings
• Medical Vocabulary flashcard box
• Initial placement test, periodic testing to assess progress and a final test
• Audio CD’s and medical podcasts
• Highly qualified bilingual instructors especially trained in the teaching of medical Spanish

Aside from our regional onsite teaching in the Southern California area, we also offer interactive Spanish medical software so that any student can take advantage of our program, regardless of location.

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What makes Spanish for Medical in Los Angeles Area

What makes Spanish for Medical in Southern California so unique?
• The Medical Spanish Program meets and exceeds the needs of the medical professional who needs to study Spanish
• The comprehensive medical Spanish program has been designed by an experienced Spanish language professor and a nurse
• Aside from our regular medical Spanish program, we can customize for each individual area in the medical field. Just give us the medical vocabulary you need to know and we will incorporate it in our teaching.
• No need to travel to a school-we come to you at a convenient day/time. Very flexible cancellation policy. Never worry about being charged for a spanish class you can't take.
• Personalized attention. It is all about you and your needs!
• The all-inclusive affordable 14 session rate is surprisingly affordable.
• The class is never intense...on the contrary we keep it light and fun. You will study Spanish in a comfortable way.
• Fast and measurable results! At the end of each 14 session program, you'll be amazed at how much you have learned. We even digitally record the oral portion of the final test for proof!
• Iron clad guarantee: if your test results do not show the expected progress or results, we will give you up to 2 complimentary classes so that you can attain the desired result.

Medical Spanish Courses Details


Spanish for Medical is an effective, practical and fun
program designed for busy people in the healthcare industry
that need to learn Spanish fast with a solid foundation at the
same time. This program allows students to work at their own
pace in the convenience of their place with a fantastic instructor.
The program is very comprehensive as it includes a preliminary
placement test, manuals, drawings, flashcards, periodic testing
and a formal final oral test at the end of each level, digitally
recorded and sent to the student.

This program was created by an experienced Spanish
language teacher, Ms. Laura Zayas (co-director) and by
Russo Mutuc, a nurse (co-director). The manuals are very
visual with beautiful, original color artwork. The information is
clearly presented and the grammar is explained in a simple but
thorough manner, with no confusing terminology. Students will
never encounter boring, out-of-context drills. All the exercises
are practical because they are based on real-life medical
situations.There is no information clutter and color is widely
used to emphasize concepts. The oral exercises vary from
listening to and writing what you hear, to answering questions
orally. The flashcards are color-coded by topic so that the
student can have an easier time studying the vocabulary. The
poster-size original color drawings shown by the instructor in
each class are used to encourage students to speak and they
definitely make the learning process very enjoyable.
In every lesson, students practice speaking, writing, and
comprehension skills. Students will be able to learn how to
properly communicate in Spanish in record time. Since the
lessons are so practical, students know that they can use with
confidence what they are learning.

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Customized Curriculum
14 sessions + one extra final session
1 or 2 sessions per week
Each session is 60 minutes
8 people: $350/pp Total: $2800
7 people: $360/pp Total: $2520
6 people: $375/pp Total: $2250
5 people: $420/pp Total: $2100
4 people: $455/pp Total: $1820
3 people: $490/pp Total: $1470
2 people: $630/pp Total: $1260
1 person: $1120/pp

-All materials: book • box of vocabulary flashcards • drawings •
audio CD • free access to our medical podcasts
-Testing: Initial placement test • quizzes • final test with oral portion
digitally recorded and sent to the student
-A 15th session by the program creator to practice your oral skills
-A certificate of completion
-Guarantee that you’ll be able to communicate at work with confidence
in the topics discussed in class

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Director- Ms. LauraHeadShot.jpgLaura Zayas (Spanish 4 You) was born in Puerto Rico.
An enthusiastic academic, she currently
holds two Bachelor Degrees; one in
International Relations and the other in
French, both from Tufts University. She
also holds two Master's Degrees; one in
Education of Foreign Languages from
UCLA, and the other in Spanish Literature
and Linguistics from Cal State, Fullerton.
She has been a language instructor for over
15 years.


Teachers - General Classes (Los Angeles / Southern California)

Veronica MojorovVeronica.jpgich
Country: Perú
Degrees: BA in Public Relations
BA in Spanish
About Veronica:
Veronica is caring and dedicated. She takes her teaching job very seriously and genuinely cares about her students’ progress. She always likes to prepare special lessons for them and is very creative in finding ways to make her students learn. She really goes the ‘extra mile’ for them. Her specialty is beginner levels.



Angela.jpgAngela López
Country: Perú
Degrees: BA in Spanish
BA in German
About Angela:
Angela is a great teacher with a fantastic personality. She is outgoing, animated and has a great smile. She knows three languages, including German, so she knows first hand how challenging learning a second language can be. She is very patient and really cares about her students’ progress. She’s very accommodating which is perfect for super busy people that can’t have a regular schedule every week. She feels comfortable teaching any Spanish level, from beginning to advanced.




Virginia Azzariti
Country: Argentina
Degrees: BS in Biology
BA in Spanish
About Virginia:
Virginia always represents our company well. She is able to work with any type of client, always providing excellent customer service. She is able to adapt to her students‘ learning style quickly and enjoys preparing customized lessons for them. She has a very assertive personality and is well-liked by all her clients. Her Spanish skills are excellent and has a subtle and very cute Argentinian accent. She feels comfortable teaching any Spanish level, from beginning to advanced.



Gabriel.jpgGabriel Mier
Country: Mexico
Degree: Law Degree
About Gabriel:
Gabriel is highly educated. He holds two degrees, one in Computer Graphic Design and another in Law from a prestigious private university in Mexico. He worked as an attorney in Mexico until he came to the US a year ago. He is currently studying to pass the US Bar Exam. Even though he does not hold a degree in Spanish like our other teachers, his Spanish is impeccable and he is able to teach any level, from beginners to advanced students.



JulieSantos.jpgJulie Santos
Country: Costa Rica
Degree: BA in IR
About Julie:
Julie is bubbly and energetic. Aside from the regular material, she teaches “street” Spanish. She is perfect for students that want a more relaxed approach to learning Spanish. Since she grew up here in the States, both her Spanish and English oral skills are excellent. Even though she likes conducting the class entirely in Spanish, she is able to explain in English when the student feel confused. She always customizes the lessons for her clients so that they can communicate right away. Her specialty is beginner and intermediate levels.



Pable.jpgDegrees: BA in Mechanical Engineering and MA in Computers and Informatics Science
About Pablo:
Pablo is one of those people that excel in many different areas. One of those areas is teaching languages. He is fluent in three languages and has been an instructor of Spanish and French for many years. Pablo’s Spanish is very clear with a neutral accent. His teaching skills are fantastic. He has the ability of figuring out his students’ strengths and weaknesses in just one hour, through his very detailed oral examination exercises. After that preliminary assessment, he prepares a plan of action that he later submits to Spanish For Medical for approval. We are always impressed by his thoroughness and precision. His perception and ours are always aligned. Aside from being an excellent teacher, his level of concern regarding his students is remarkable.




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