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Dominical.jpgLearn Medical Spanish at one of Costa Rica's beautiful beach town. Dominical is a beach town located on the central pacific side of Costa Rica, about four hours from San Jose. As it’s a small town, you'll get to know the locals very well. The town is about one hour from the next mid-size town called San Isidro, which is the southern agricultural hub of the country. The school is surrounded by plenty of activities such as surfing, ocean kayaking, hiking, running, swimming, zipline, horseback ridding, and many more. This beach is known as one of the best beaches to surf Costa Rica.

The Medical Spanish is a unique experience in the beach location. Students learn the fundamentals of the Spanish language, and at the same time, feel like you are on vacation, away from the traditional classrooms. Nature surrounds the immersion experience.

Course Description

Class-size consists of no more than four to six people per classroom. The Dominical classrooms are held in the Hut House. Regular classes have two 15 minutes breaks. Four hours of Medical classes are spread out over two days. During the high-season, class times and activities will shift to give equal opportunity to each individual. For example: classes are held on mornings or afternoons and will shift per person every week.

Student learns the general Spanish curriculum, depending on their level of Spanish. In addition to the general Spanish classes, students will be exposed to Medical terminologies, most commonly used in the medical field. Role play, within class is also incorporated, along with visits to local clinics, or mock clinics for observation. Please be advised there is no hands on with Medical observations, students get to communicate with local medical professionals, and practice the language,

Learning Process

When studying Spanish in this context and to gain a better understanding of the process, it helps to delve into the elements behind Language Immersion. The student must comprehend that learning another language takes time.

There are four parts to language study. These parts are composed of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. If you take advantage of the immersion environment, you'll make progress in all four areas. The schools emphasis is on communication and exposure to Latin culture. Traditional studies in the US or Canada sometimes emphasize rote memorization at the expense of spoken interaction.

The language programs in Costa Rica take a different approach. Host families play a large and positive role in the immersion process. Students are constantly surrounded by native Spanish speakers thus forcing students to verbalize the language.



Testing is a simple process. When you arrive at school on Monday 1/2 hour before class starts, an exam will be given to determine the level of your Spanish.

Classes are geared towards various levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).



Host families

The host families locations, in beach programs, differ from city or the country side. Almost all the host families live a longer distance from the school. Unfortunately, because new property developments, every year, the locals are being forced to move away further from the beach towns. But the experience of living with a family, should not be missed.

The commute from the families to the school ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour by bus. There are other ways of getting to school, either by taxi, bicycle, or jogging.

However, for many students the surfing-beach experience is worth it and a welcome change/alternative to urbanity. This, coupled with an insight into more rural lifestyles, dialects and modes of living can make this a truly memorable choice.

We recommend staying with host families if you are willing to make the commute.

School Stay

The alternative for students wishing to be stay closer to the school, and the beach, are the cabinas. These lodging options are ideal for students, especially, when they want easy access to town for the night life, restaurants, and shops. Students can rent a private or share rooms. Rooms vary in some amenities such as number of beds, air-conditioning, or ceiling fans. In shared room options, students will most likely share with two-three other students. Ask the coordinator for more information, and details.


There are also various hotels/hostels options in Dominical. They range from $15 to $150.

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Dominical Director

AlexandraA.jpgAlexandra Espinoza is a Costa Rican who has many years of experience in education. As the director of the Dominical Campus, she has helped the school grow by utilizing her creativity, ideas and skills. The significant improvement in identity and curriculum and the evolution of the school as a quality educational institution is a reflection of her hard work and efforts. Her experience alone is a blessing for the school.

The majority of her experience has been in the realm of education. In the early 90's, she taught Technical English for Airlines and Hotel Management. Afterwards, she transitioned to teaching 7th and 8th graders at Saint Benadict High School, San Jose. From 1995-2001 she was the Supervisor for the English Department in Instituto Universal de Idiomas, San Jose. During this period she also worked part time with the same company as a EFL teacher for two years. In 2002 she worked as a Academic Director for centro de Idiomas, Universidad Magister, San Jose. Then after, she was employed by the school and ever since has made a big difference on campus.



The sample excursions, listed below, are a good way to really explore Dominical. Students participate in classes from Monday to Friday, on down time; students can sign up for tours.

Half-Day Tours (Available during the week)
Cowboy for a day
Zip line Tour
Horseback to waterfalls
Butterfly garden

Full-Day Tour (held on Saturdays)
Snorkeling Tour
Diyamonte Falls Tour
Corcovado National Park
Manuel Antonio National Park

Weekend Tours
(Held all weekend. This tour is optional and depends on how many students attend. Price is additional)

Overnight at the Diyamonte Falls
Overnight at Corcovado

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