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250x150.jpgThe city offers with countless pubs, cafes, colorfull neighborhoods  and an active nightlife diversion for many weeks or even months of  exploration while learning and practicing Spanish!

Argentina's capital is often called the Paris of South America  because  of its beautiful architecture, the impressive buildings and  the  attractive streets. The avenues of this big city with about 11  million  habitants are famous because of its restaurants, theatres,  tango  shows and a lot of other pleasure possibilities for all the  flavours.
An important aspect, which makes Buenos Aires even more  attractive, are the low prices. Since the peso crashed some years

An important aspect, which makes Buenos Aires even more attractive, are the .
low prices. Since the peso crashed some years ago, the city has become a  bargain
The convenient currency rates with dollars for example, euros or the yen made Buenos Aires to an important attraction of South America.

Apart from the fantastic capital, Argentina offers more for its visitors: the waterfalls in Iguazu or Patagonia are unforgettable. Furthermore you can benefit from the short distance to Uruguay’s Colonia or the famous beach of Punta del Este..

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Medical Spanish- Course Structure    

• Program designed for health-care professionals and students working with Spanish-speaking populations.
• Combines the regular Spanish immersion program with medical-specific Spanish and cultural training.
• Start Dates: all year round. Beginner Spanish students should start on an official start date. Students with prior Spanish may begin any week.
• In addition to the special program, students are encouraged to participate in the school social activities.

Spanish course
• All levels – Max 6 student per class – 20hours per week
• Many students also choose supplemental private Spanish lessons, in addition to the standard group course, to focus on particular needs or on "Medical Spanish" (such as role-playing).

Clinical Shadowing
• Students can observe professionals interacting with patients in Spanish and observe the similarities and differences between these clinics and those in their home country
• Intermediate Spanish minimum
• Developed in either a hospital or health clinic
• 2 sessions per week, Min 1:30hs – Max 4hs
• Student must wear white lab coat and respect all the internal rules at institution
• Short hair or well kept and tied back
• No piercings


Because of the various prerequisites for clinical shadowing, this program is by application only.
Application is due at least 2 months prior to the program start date.
• Enrollment
• Resume
• Cover letter
• A transcript from highest or current level of medical education completed AND/OR a photocopy of medical license.


The school in Argentina has highly qualified and friendlyl staff. We can  offer you a service of international quality and a warm and social  ambiance to make your stay unforgettable! The location is at the Recoleta neighbourhood, one of the best  neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires. It is the ideal location for your  Spanish immersion: close by a lot of restaurants, bars, cafes,  attractive parks, museums, cinemas and shops. It is a very nice place,  which connects culture, outdoor activities and fun with big attraction. Recoleta is an upper-middle class neighbourhood, safe at all hours and  has many housing options available.The building is constructed in the traditional porteño-style with  stairs made of marble, floors of mosaic, a terrace and balconies.  We  have 18 class rooms, community areas with free internet access,  where our students can enjoy the breaks. Plus it's is well situated, only few minutes away from the subway station and the main bus lines and many housing options. The school can organise for you, are closed by, as well as important sightseeing  places of the city.

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Study and travel while you are earning Academic credit!
University students may study at our schools and receive university credit. ECELA credit courses are certified by the national accredited university “Universidad Bolivariana” and the Brookhaven College in the USA. Courses are at ECELA and comply with the generally accepted standard of 15 contact hours (50 minutes/hour) of class time per credit hour.

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