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Blanket, Shoe, Clothes, Food Drop February 2009

(February 23, 2009) - Spanish for Medical/Spanish for Success volunteers made another round of goodwill work- this time they handed out about 40 blankets, food, shoes, and clothes to the homeless of the Los Angeles region.

It was suppose to be a rainy day, on Monday February 23rd, but it turned out to be the complete opposite. At first, the forecast seemed like it was going to pour, eventually, the skies cleared and the sun decided to show itself. The volunteers (Russo Mutuc, Jill Hudspeth, Sevana Gharbian, Jesse Yamashita, Karla Flores, and Ronda De los Reyes) had met around 1pm for a quick meeting for the project. The team had discussed safety, driving route, delegating job tasks, and emergency plans. Afterwards, the ‘assembly line’ was setup in order to have a smooth bagging process. Thanks to the donors, there where boxes and crates full of food, enough to feed about 70+ individuals. One by one; brown paper bags where filled with sandwiches, fruits, cookies, and small drinks. With everyone working together, the processing turned out to be a lot quicker than expected. In addition to preparing the food - blankets, clothes, and shoes where sorted out. Afterwards, the team loaded up the trucks and headed for Skid Row.

Upon arrival at Skid Row, the volunteers decided to camp out near San Pedro and Wall Street. They drove around the block (3 times), while trying to figure out where they can park safely, unload the goods, and setup the handing station. At first they found an entrance way, next to a building. They thought this would be the ideal place to channel people to line up, without having to grab whatever they wanted. The goal was to have a controlled environment, which they can freely hand out goods. As they were setting up the station, there was a foul odor of human wastes, and luckily someone had warned them that, the corner was the ‘public bathroom’. So they decided to shift to another location, just along the fence wall. Not within 2 minutes of setting up, mass amounts of homeless people came to see what was up. It seemed like there was order in the line, but then, people started cutting. One by one, hands where open asking for any goods that was being handed, the bottled water goods where the first to go, then the food. Eventually, Jesse was cornered and he had about 20 hands at a time asking for food. The rest of the group started to distribute the clothes, shoes, and blankets away from the food area to avoid clutter in one section. Overall the whole process lasted about 30 minutes.

“Another feel good project, new volunteers came out to support, and bigger amounts of goods where donated,” stated by, Russo Mutuc, coordinator. The team of volunteers plans for more future projects. If interested in donating or volunteering, contact Russo Mutuc for more details.

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