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About Peru

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Learn and study Medical Spanish at the beautiful country of Peru. The country is located in South America, and it bordering countries are Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, and Brazil. Peru is a great place to learn Spanish, and at the same time explore the many travel opportunities it has to offer.

One famous, must see, place is the Machu Picchu. This high elevated, ‘lost city,’ in its time, offers a breathtaking scenery.  After discovering this place, explore the remaining parts of the country for its other amazing culture. North, South, East, West, anywhere you go, you can discover something different. From the Andes to the headwaters of the Amazon, travelers from around the world come to Peru to be immersed into the experience.
If you enjoy foods, the country offers delicious cuisines. The country is famous for many traditional seafood dishes. They even mix it up with tasty meats, to offer varieties. If you’re into culinary, come to Peru to stimulate your senses, once you’ve had some of their traditional dishes, you will truly appreciate the country for its amazing beauty.

Students have the option of learning Medical Spanish in either Lima or Cusco. Or if they chose to, they can also try both locations, and they can easily interchange each other on different times. For example, if the students desire to learn one week of Medical Spanish in Lima, then, they can switch over to Cusco for additional weeks. This would be ideal for students who want to make the most of their time, while in Peru, and be able to explore and discover the country on their free time. Weekend excursions can be a good option to be part of the whole study abroad experience.