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General, Corporate, and Medical Spanish Testimonials, under the direction of Professor Laura Zayas and other teachers. (Spanish-4-You)

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“In just a few months of twice a week lessons with supplemental homework
assignments, Barry and I are enthusiastically on our way to attaining our
goal of learning Spanish. Your initial analysis of our level and your
organized method of bringing us forward are highly effective. We
always look forward to our meeting with you. ”
Sandy and Barry Pressman MD
Cedar’s Sinai Hospital
Los Angeles, CA

“What I have learned from your Spanish program has been an asset to
communicating more effectively in occupational and social
environments. I have been able to understand more, respond more
quickly, and be more involved with patients as a result. You will be
challenged by the curriculum and staff, and rewarded by the results when
you apply what you have learned from this program.”
Robert Morrison
Counselor/Addiction Medicine
Kaiser Permanente
Los Angeles, CA

“I wanted to let you know how happy I have been with my Spanish teacher,
Patricia and overall services from your program. I have accomplished
some significant goals since I started. One is that I have passed a
bilingual examination for my school district which entitled me to a pay raise
as well as more prestige within the district. The other main goal I have
accomplished is with my other job as a therapist. The director of the clinic
is very happy with my Spanish skills and is assigning me Spanish
speaking only clients with confidence.”
Benjamin Lasky, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
Advanced Psychological Services
Van Nuys, CA

“I wanted to tell you what an asset your program has been for Coca-Cola
North America. Your classes meet our business need to expand multicultural
marketing while also offering a great personal benefit to our
associates. We find the program to be very appropriate for corporate
use. Classes were tailored by ability and exposure to the language. Content
was also geared towards our business reality which makes our learning easy
to apply in our business world. We would highly recommend you and
your team to other companies that wish to enhance their competitive
edge in multicultural communication.”
Hillary Garland
Director of Business Planning, Analysis & Insights
Coca-Cola, North America
Los Angeles, CA

“What a great experience I have had in your Spanish program this year. I
amazed myself at how quickly I was able to pick up more than the necessary
fundamentals of Spanish. I credit this to your well structured program of
manuals and materials but most importantly, I think, the success lies in
the enthusiasm and dedication that you and your staff bring to class each
week. Thanks for keeping the subject matter fresh and relevant. By
tailoring the program to meet our specific busines needs you have
broadened the ability of me and my associates to better reach a multicultural
consumer base, critical to our long term success. ”
Thomas Gray
Senior Manager
Coca-Cola, North America
Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you so much for the superlative teaching using the your system.
After four months, I am able to communicate (haltingly yet, I admit)
with counterparts in Uruguay. The teacher was always willing to change
time and venues to adapt to my changing schedules. Her professionalism
and kindness were without paralell.”
Frank Baxter
US Ambassador to Uruguay

“Your language program is an incredible value and delivers fast results.
I'm most impressed by the excellent materials you have developed and
the "to your door" service. Highly recommended.”
Mark Walker
Vice President, Business Affairs
Santa Monica, CA

“For the last five years, I have been working with Laura Zayas to improve
my Spanish. I had the basics but needed someone who would help me
advance rapidly to a new level of accomplishment. The program has
definitely done that.”
James Thomson
RAND Corporation
Santa Monica, CA

“I am truly enjoying the lessons. Pablo is a wonderful teacher, and I LOVE
your curriculum. It's designed for a beginner, but it is challenging enough
to keep me interested. The structure of the lessons is great. Your
lessons are so beautifully put together and I really respond to the visual
aids. And, oh, yeah, the flashcards, what a great and rewarding way to
learn. Truly excellent, I can't say enough.”
Lauren Dombrowski (passed away on October 2008)
Co-Executive Producer and Writer
Mad TV
Burbank, CA

“All of us at Western Pacific Pulp and Paper have thoroughly enjoyed our
classes. We achieved our initial objective early on of being able to
speak Spanish casually with our employees. We now like the lessons so
much that we are going to take it to the next level and continue learning
Spanish. Our teacher has made the classes enjoyable and something to look
forward to. The company has benefited greatly with the added personnel
capable of communicating in Spanish.”
Kevin C. Duncombe
Western Pacific Pulp and Paper
Downey, CA

“I have been involved in the Spanish classes offered by your organization for
over a year and have benefited greatly. I am able to understand the
language better and utilize it almost on a daily basis. “
Tarice Gray
Culver City, CA

“I've studied Spanish with Laura Zayas for 2 years and am very happy with
my progress. Laura has created excellent materials, is very experienced,
and is fun and interesting to learn from. Ella es una maestra excelente!”
James Ruehlin
San Clemente, CA

“Muchas Gracias! Your Spanish system is nothing short of remarkable. In
3 short months, it has given me the basic skills that I need to pursue, with
confidence, the business interactions that lie ahead for me.”
Larry Richard
Breakthrough Marketing
Santa Monica, CA

“After only a few sessions, I was able to engage in basic Spanish
conversations and had developed a good vocabulary for most everyday
situations. I now have a good fundamental understanding of the
language and I feel comfortable conversing in Spanish. ”
Frank Phillips
AIS (Auto Insurance Specialists)
Hermosa Beach, CA

“I am completely enjoying the learning experience with you and your
teachers. I have not worked with such a professional group of people in a
long time. You are all prompt, insightful, patient, and very accomplished teachers.”
Peter Martínez
San Pedro, CA

“In approximately three months, such a short time, I have learned a
tremendous amount of basic communication skills in Spanish by
studying Spanish. Starting the lessons with no prior background in Spanish,
as an adult, my expectations of learning Spanish were guarded. But I have
since been reassured that learning Spanish is possible and even fun. ”
Naomi Neville
Senior Architect
Osborn Architects
Glendale, CA

“With my work schedule, I was looking to learn Spanish in a fast, affordable,
and easy to understand system. It seemed nearly impossible until I came
across your program. Now, I can honestly say that I have learned more in
6 months than school taught me in 3 years. The system is great!”
Kerwin Kennedy
Inglewood Park Cemetery
Inglewood, CA

“During my high school years, Spanish class was a very important part of
my curriculum. However, I stopped practicing and lost what basic
communications I had acquired. During the past 8 months I have
reacquired not only the basic communication skills to enhance
service to my customers at work but developed them to a level that
can be appreciated by my customers and myself. Your Spanish
program is truly the best tutorial service available.”
Kyle Walker
Inglewood Park Cemetery
Inglewood, CA

“Lessons are going great, I’m really learning a lot. Patricia is a very
good teacher; she has an ability of explaining things with examples which
allow me to remember the lessons. I am very happy with the progress
I’ve made so far and look forward to the next 12 hours of lessons with
Brad Collins
Assessor’s Office
Los Angeles County
El Monte, CA

“I applaud you on your program. Very impressive indeed! I gave myself a
choice before bedtime last night to read either my new Entertainment
Weekly Oscar Guide Double-Issue or look over the Spanish Manual, and I
chose the Spanish Manual. It was both easy to understand and enjoyable!"
Christi-Haydon Wilson
Entertainment Industry
Hollywood, CA

“The Spanish program is practical, informative and fun! Laura
personalized the program to my specific needs and was always available to
answer questions or work on specific issues. She was able to work around
my schedule and my needs and put together a 10 week package that I
found to be well worthwhile.”
Ed Bove
Alternative Format Coordinator
Sherman Oaks, CA

“My experience with your system has been amazing. After just a few
months, I am now able to carry on a simple conversation in Spanish. In my
high school Spanish classes, I was taught basic grammar and vocabulary.
The missing link for me was the ability to form sentences. Your Spanish
program unlocked the mystery. I now have the ability to form sentences and communicate at a basic level. The system uses a very concise, straight-forward approach that is not only very effective, but fun too.”
Heidi Nielsen
Artist Representative
Zenobia Agency
Los Angeles, CA

“It is with great pleasure that I endorse the spanish language instruction
given by Laura Zayas. Laura’s techniques and attitude make the learning process fun. I would highly recommend Laura’s brand of teaching to anybody seriously interested in honing his or her Spanish language skills as a student or businessperson.”
Don Michael Paul
Laredo Productions
Beverly Hills, CA

“I have studied with Veronica for approximately two years now. I have
found the course to be very interesting and compelling, taking the
confusion and mystery out of learning to speak a new language. I would
highly recommend this to anyone at any level, who wants to become fluent
in the Spanish language.”
Don Bailey
Antoine Pierre
Santa Monica, CA

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