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DSC_0626.jpgThe school is a high quality educational institution located in the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, immersed in the community of Manuel Antonio, just four miles south from Quepos.

Quepos, one of the main districts of the province of Puntarenas and a former banana plantation, has become a worldly famous town by sport fishing enthusiasts.  With the remaining of a sleepy fisherman's town, you can still feel the southern dusty hidden appeal, flowered with all sorts of cultural experiences, including learning Spanish in one of the most prestigious schools of Spanish.

The blue water of this coast provides exceptional challenge and excitement for seasoned, as well as occasional angles.  International bill fishing tournaments in these waters routinely tie and break world records.


Medical Spanish Curriculum

This Spanish curriculum for Medical students has been prepared in a simple way in order that students learn the general vocabulary that is related to the human body and some of the commonly occurring diseases. Through the topics, find theoretical information on the various systems and organs that make up the body, some plates illustrating the information, discussions and exercises that can be put into practice there medical and scientific learning.

The course provider selected nine topics ranging from the Human Body, the circulatory system, the muscular system, nervous system, skeletal system, the senses, to the female reproductive system and male. We also make a presentation of some diseases with their symptoms, some public interest articles and a glossary with definitions of the vocabulary that will enable us to strengthen further the intent of the text:

Understanding cultural aspects surrounding the field of medicine and health in Costa Rica and Latin America.
Medical Vocabulary on the human body, diseases and situations that occur daily in the environment of medicine and health.

Learn, practice and reinforce certain grammatical aspects that underlie the area of health and medical practice.

The course provider is confident that this material will help us open the doors of the linguistic variety that is involved in the medical environment interactions and allow us to have a better view of the cultural aspects involved in such interactions.

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According to our methodology, the curriculum for our Medical Spanish Program is as follows:

1) All the end of the program, the students of Academia de Español D’Amore:
will be familiarized with cultural aspects such as: (these are the titles of the topics)
El Cuerpo Humano
El Sistema Circulatorio
Frío aumenta crisis respiratorias infantiles   
El Sistema Muscular
El Sistema Nervioso
El Dengue en Costa Rica
10% de población de orbe en riesgo por malaria
Prueban vacuna contra el Dengue
El Sistema Óseo
Los Sentidos
El Sistema Reproductor Masculino
El Sistema Reproductor Femenino
Salud reproductiva, un asunto de dos
Cada vez más mujeres se infectan
de VIH-SIDA en el país

2) will be familiarized and master general vocabulary such as:
Partes del Cuerpo Humano   
El sistema Circulatorio
El Sistema Muscular
El Sistema Nervioso
Los Criaderos del mosquito AEDES AEGYPTI   
Ciclo de vida del AEDES AEGYPTI
El Sistema Esquelético   
Los Cinco Sentidos
El Sistema Reproductor
Enfermedades Internas
Enfermedades Externas
Las Especialidades Médicas
y Los Profesionales que las practican
El Consultorio Medico

3) will have studied, practiced and reinforced grammar items such as:
Prácticas generales de los temas estudiados
La Visita al Doctor
Los Sentidos
Verdades y Mitos de La Menstruación
Buscapabras de Medicina

4) will have been immersed in a cultural Medical Spanish learning experience that will enhance their appreciation for learning, living and loving Latin cultures and people.
The time frame of work recommended in the hospitals or clinics is of two hours daily, but the schedule is to be arranged with the Administration in each one of the institutions.
We do require a report of the entire visits in Spanish at the end of the program in order to grant a certificate of attendance.

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David D’Amore
Founder and Director
Academia de Español D’Amore
Education: University of Wisconsin, Spanish Bachelor Degree, Wisconsin
Pepperdine University, Master of Education

Wilmar Ovares Villalobos
Spanish Professor
Education: Technological University of Costa Rica, Spanish Professor as a Second Language

Mitzi Zuñiga Dinarte
Spanish Professor
Education: International University San Isidro Labrador, Bachelor of Science of Education

Estefanía Méndez
Spanish Professor
Education: International University San Isidro Labrador, Bachelor in Education


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