Testimonial - Medical Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Kristin Coleman 2.jpgKristin C.
Washington State University

Testimony of experience in Hospital Municipal B. Rivadavia:

I was extremely fortunate to get the opportunity to observe and shadow nurses and doctors at Hospital Rivadavia.  This was an unbelievable experience and allowed me to gain incredible insight into public hospitals in Argentina, as well as understand the differences between healthcare practices in Argentina and the United States.  The first week in “La Guardia” was great.  I was fortunate enough to see a vast majority of illnesses and treatment methods.  It was very interesting to witness the differences between technology and machines available for use in “La Guardia,” or as it is referred to in the United States as the urgent care center.  The nurses and doctors were exceptionally helpful and educational.  The language barrier made communication a little bit difficult, so my one suggestion is that the intermediate language requirement is more strictly enforced.  I also got to see the Pediatrics and Obstetrics units at the hospital which were very interesting as well.  Overall, this was an incredible experience and I am very lucky to have this added insight and knowledge to bring back with me to working as a nurse in San Diego, CA.  My time at Hospital Rivadavia definitely not only opened my eyes to healthcare in another country, but also helped increase my Spanish proficiency and ability to interact with Spanish speaking patients. This experience has helped prepare me for treating the vast population of Spanish speakers in San Diego, CA.  This is definitely an experience I would recommend for any healthcare professional because it was extremely educational and rewarding.