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P2080070.jpgLearn Medical Spanish in the country side of Costa Rica. Turrialba is located about one and a half hours from San Jose. With a population of about 40,000 it’s a town that is not to be missed. It’s a relatively affluent middle-class town by Costa Rican standards and offers plenty of opportunities for cultural experiences. The town isn’t as media saturated as many places and is an ideal location to study Spanish away from the tourist centers. When studying Spanish in this context and to gain a better understanding of the process, it helps to delve into the elements behind Language Immersion. The student must comprehend that learning another language takes time.

Course Description

Class-size consists of no more than four to six people per classroom. The Turrialba classrooms are held in some hut houses, and also a mock clinical room. Regular classes have two 15 minutes breaks. Four hours of Medical classes are spread out from Monday to Friday. During the high-season, class times and activities will shift to give equal opportunity to each individual. For example: classes are held on mornings or afternoons and will shift per person every week.

Student learns the general Spanish curriculum, depending on their level of Spanish. In addition to the general Spanish classes, students will be exposed to Medical terminologies, most commonly used in the medical field. Role play, within class is also incorporated, along with visits to local clinics, or mock clinics for observation. Please be advised there is no hands on with Medical observations, students get to communicate with local medical professionals, and practice the language,

Learning Process

When studying Spanish in this context and to gain a better understanding of the process, it helps to delve into the elements behind Language Immersion. The student must comprehend that learning another language takes time.

There are four parts to language study. These parts are composed of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. If you take advantage of the immersion environment, you'll make progress in all four areas. The schools emphasis is on communication and exposure to Latin culture. Traditional studies in the US or Canada sometimes emphasize rote memorization at the expense of spoken interaction.

The language programs in Costa Rica take a different approach. Host families play a large and positive role in the immersion process. Students are constantly surrounded by native Spanish speakers thus forcing students to verbalize the language.

Even in certain tours, some programs are guided via only Spanish language. For example, students are offered opportunities to visit snake farms, coffee plantations, archeological sites, rafting tours and the chance to be a "cowboy/vaquero" for a day in addition to many more exciting and engaging activities.

Students are constantly surrounded by the language in challenging situations and presented with a multitude of choices to practice their newfound language skills.



Testing is a simple process. When you arrive at school on Monday 1/2 hour before class starts, an exam will be given to determine the level of your Spanish.

Classes are geared towards various levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced).


When taking classes in Turrialba, many students stay with host families. This is called Homestay. All the host families are within walking distance to the school. This ranges from a 15 minute to 40 minute walk.

Turrialba has a vibrant middle class and a high literacy rate. Host families have been screened and tested by the school to make sure they meet the requirements to care for students. Oftentimes, all the head families meet with the school to discuss new trends and new requirements to ensure that customer satisfaction is met. Sometimes host families will have children or elderly members in the house. The school will try to find you a family that best suits your needs.

If, by chance, you're unsatisfied with the family, simply notify the school and they will make every effort to provide you another. Please try to give them adequate notice to make changes.

Meals are provided for you depending on your program. Breakfast and dinner is included if students choice the families. For lunch, students have the option of going into town and exploring some of its cultural experience, in a 'soda,' or a small restaurant.


There are various hotel options in Turrialba which depend on what you're looking for in the way of pricing and comfort. These range from $15 to $40. There are also 5 star hotels that can range from $100-$130.


Turrialba Directors

Maria Gomez de Ureña

GabyA.jpgGabriela is the director of the Turrialba Campus. Under her capable direction, the school will further expand to meet the needs of its students. Her experience began in Venezuela when she first started to work for a Bank as an Financial Analyst from 1995-1996. Soon after, she worked as an Administrator for a restaurant for two years. Then she switched over to Supervisora de Linea Aerea for another two years. In 2000 she worked as Encargada da Panaderia. In 2002 she decided to move to Costa Rica to start training to be the Director of La Fortuna campus.

Nora Gomez

NoraA.jpgNora is the Director of Academics for all the campuses. A native of Costa Rica, she has considerable experience in education. Currently, she holds a degree in Bachillerato en la Ensnanza del Espanol at the Universidad de Costa Rica. She has committed 14 years to teaching Spanish as a Second Language. She has been with the school three years and counting.



The sample excursions, listed below, are a good way to really explore Turrialba. Students pacticipate in classes from Monday to Friday, on down time, students can sign up for tours.

Sample Half-Day Tours
Snake Farm Tour
Organic Farm Tour
Pejibaye Rafting Tour
Guayabo Archeological Site

Full-Day Tour (held on Saturdays)
Pacuare rafting
Tour Horse-back riding
Tour Mountain bike riding

Sample Weekend Tours 
This tour is optional and depends on how many students attend. Price is additional

Over night at the Pacuare
Overnight at Puerto Viejo
Over night at ArenalHost-families

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